A cheesy legacy: How Pancho's Cheese Dip is made in Memphis

A cheesy legacy: How Pancho's Cheese Dip is made in Memphis
(Source: WATN)
(Source: WATN)
(Source: WATN)

MEMPHIS, TN (KAIT/WATN) - For generations, area cheese dip lovers have been enjoying Pancho's Cheese Dip.

"If you were born anywhere in the area you were weaned on Mexican food at Pancho's," said Sandy Kozik. "And the dip is just part of it."

Since the late 1970's, the famous dip and the logo of the man with the mustache has been a famous name in most of the Mid-South.

And as ABC affiliate WATN reports, the dip is made in Memphis.

Pancho's president of operations, Tim Wallace, says the product has come a long way since it was first sold in small cardboard containers.

The cheese was grated by hand when the company started but now a machine shreds 45-pound blocks of cheese.

"We pay a high-end premium cheese and we don't skimp," Wallace said. "It's a high-end cheese. That's kind of what makes us better than everyone else."

At least a dozen employees work to put together at least 20,000 containers of cheese dip every week.

After the dip is packaged, it's cooled for 24 hours then boxed before it is sent to stores.

It's now sold in 18 states around the United States, but Wallace says the company is working to expand.

"We're ready to take on the whole United States at any given time," he said. "We're ready for it now."

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