Trampolines take exercise to new heights

Trampolines take exercise to new heights
(Source: NBC)

(KAIT/NBC) - It's low-impact and a load of fun. Trampolines that can take you to new heights while also delivering a unique workout.

"Rebound exercise" is basically exercising doing jumping or plyometrics.

Instructor Joseph Seymore says a child-like way to get some grown-up exercise can also burn lots of calories.

Workouts can be intense, so beginners need to be cautious.

"Even though we're getting a workout, yes we might kick your butt a little bit, but it's still that nostalgia, it's still very much," Seymore says. "I'm out here having a good time and having fun."

Experts say it's important to let your instructor know if you have issues with impaired mobility so that the workout can be tailored to your abilities.

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