Elauna Eaton continues to step up her game

Elauna Eaton continues to step up her game

Lots of basketball talent in Region 8 and that includes Jonesboro's Elauna Eaton

In fact, she is considered one of the best in the country.

Just a sophomore, but she's piled up quite a list of prestigious colleges already enquiring about her services.

"The basketball season may end but the season is never over for me, it's an all year thing for me," Eaton said.

May 24th through the 28th, Jonesboro's Elauna Eaton will be in Colorado Springs.

Home to the United States Olympic Training Center, Eaton is one of 35 players trying out for the Women's 17 and under national team that will compete in Belarus this July.

"It's a very exciting feeling. I'm very blessed to have the opportunity to do that. Like I'm ready."

Soft spoken, humble but don't let that fool you. She has that eye of the tiger approach.

"Take no prisoners. Killed or be killed."

"I just tell her to be her," Elauna's private coach Brian Coleman said. "She's down to earth. She's still a killer when she gets out there on the floor so it doesn't matter who steps in front of her, she's going to try and step over them so she's just going to be Elauna."

Eaton is a gym rat. While most kids are enjoying their summer, not Eaton. She's in the gym with her private coach, trying to take her game to the next level.

"Fun is not for me," a smiling Eaton added. "Coach BC is a really good trainer and I feel like he knows what he's doing. Ball handling and defense is some things I need to work on. He works on the ball handling and he's very good at it."

Her coach took things a step further. Giving us a more detailed analysis. "Elauna has a problem a lot of tall players have. She don't want to, she dribbles high because she's tall (5'11") so I have to make sure she sits down so to speak in this chair to squat down so the ball, she can go down to the ball instead of the ball coming up to her so that's one of the main things we have to work on."

"You can work on everything but most you need to work on your weaknesses and I feel like right now my ball-handling and defense is my main weakness," added Eaton.

If there are weaknesses to her game, they can't be that bad. Twenty plus colleges have offered scholarships and we're talking big time programs too.

Ole Miss was the first to offer (April 16, 2016.). Two months later, South Carolina got on board, then it was A-State and Arkansas. After that they just started come in one after another. Louisville, Mississippi State, Texas, Texas Tech, Kentucky, Old Dominion, St. John's, Florida, Michigan State, Tennessee, Ohio State, LSU, Indiana, Texas A&M, Michigan, Georgia, Baylor, Auburn and Miami (FL).

She's self driven.

Eaton tore her ACL before her freshman season got started. Rehabbed back and guided Jonesboro to a state title her sophomore season.

"She's an extremely hard worker, she put everything in," Elauna's dad Rudolf Eaton said. "As a matter of fact, we were going through the ACL tear she got extra time, we paid for her to get some extra rehab. She works hard, she gets it done. She handled the whole ACL tear like a true sport."

Elauna's brother Marquis plays for A-State, so I had to ask who's the better athlete?

"Everyone idols Kobe or LeBron and all them. My idol is my brother, that's the one I chase, that's the one I want to be like" Elauna said.

"She has been a competitor since day one and then, a lot of people don't know like that she gets that competitive spirit from playing against him all those years," Rudolf Eaton added. "Him being a boy, being bigger, being stronger but she never shut down and she was never scared to go against him and that's what got her to this level now. Being able to play against him."