Recent drownings serve as reminder of water safety

Recent drownings serve as reminder of water safety
(Source: KAIT)

(KAIT/KNWA) - Recent drownings in Arkansas serve as a warning sign for people to make sure they understand how to stay safe when in or near water.

According to Fayetteville NBC affiliate KNWA, Beaver Lake is one of the largest water recreation spots in Northwest Arkansas, and lake levels are high.

Water safety is key with debris causing an issue for boaters and swimmers.

Alan Bland, Beaver Lake park ranger, warns people to go slower than usual due to hazards and said it doesn't get any simpler than just wearing a life jacket.

"We've had, out of 130 drownings now, we have yet to have anybody drown wearing a life jacket," Bland said. "I think that speaks volumes about how important that life jacket is, just the first-word life. You know, what's your life worth."

Bland said even though temperatures have gotten hotter, the water can take longer to warm up and it could come as a shock to the system.

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