A Better Region 8: Are you prepared for an emergency?

I'm Hatton Weeks the new general manager here at KAIT.

Last week we witnessed the heroic actions of a Jonesboro police officer when he saved a two-year-old's life.

Officer Blaine Middlecoff was called to a domestic situation and discovered the child had been stabbed in the arm while the parents scuffled.

Middlecoff went right into action. His years of military and police training prepared him for that moment, and he had his first aid kit with him.

That's what being prepared looks like.

So let me ask - are you?

While it's very unlikely we will have to deal with a situation like he did, are you trained if your child or grandchild stops breathing or gets injured? Would you know what to do?

I can tell you I wouldn't know what to do, but I want you to do something with me.

I'm calling now to get signed up for the next CPR class.

Contact the Red Cross or your nearest hospital. Most offer CPR, Stop the Bleeding, and other lifesaving classes.

I'm also going to make sure I have a first aid kit in my cars and that it's properly stocked.

It's the summer, and we're all about to go off on vacation or travel ball, the lake, the river or just around the corner.

Ask Officer Middlecoff, you never know when you'll need the training and that first aid kit.

We must prepare for the unexpected.

Do this with me, won't you? It'll make this A Better Region 8.

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