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New Orleans

New Orleans: Pursuasion Used, But No Force...Yet

SEPTEMBER 8, 2005 - Posted at 3:54 p.m. CDT


NEW ORLEANS, LA - A New Orleans man who still doesn't want to leave his home says a group of soldiers tried to get him to leave today.

Patrick McCarty refused, insisting that he's still safe amid the floodwaters.

But the soldiers were able to pursuade others to leave, including one 86-year-old man whose neighbor assured him it would "be like a vacation."

One woman cried out to reporters that instead of evacuating people who want to stay, authorities should be tending to the "dead babies."

Earlier, New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin ordered the 10,000 or so holdouts to leave the city and said force would be used, if necessary.

But so far, there are no reports of people being forced out.

Police department superintendent Eddie Compass says there are thousands of people willing to voluntarily evacuate.  He says once those voluntary evacuations have taken place, police will focus on mandatory evacuations.

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