Slideshow: Bears in Region 8

Slideshow: Bears in Region 8
Black bear taking a swim at Crown Lake. (Source: Shannon Leinenweaver Smart via Facebook)

HORSESHOE BEND, AR (KAIT) - Why did the bear cross the road? Maybe to go for a swim.

In recent days, several people around Horseshoe Bend have spotted black bears not only roaming down the roads, but taking dips in the nearby lakes.

Kelly Aco snapped several photos this week of a black bear crossing Ranch View Lane.

Then, on Mother's Day, Shannon Leinenweaver Smart and her family were out on Crown Lake when they spotted a bear out for a swim.

"What a treat to see up close from our boat," Smart posted on social media.

While some may find them "cute," Arkansas wildlife experts warn:

American black bears are not teddy bears and observers should remain at a respectful distance from them.

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