Earle officials consider curfew enforcement

Earle officials consider curfew enforcement
City officials consider enforcing curfew. (Source: WREG)

EARLE, AR (KAIT/WREG) - City officials in Earle are considering to restart the enforcement of the city curfew ordinance.

According to CNN content partner WREG, it would make children under the age of 18 stay off public streets after 10 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and after 11 p.m. the rest of the week.

Otis Davis lobbied the city council to consider the measure.

"It's an ordinance they have in place," Davis said. "All I asked them to do is enforce it. Make the parents accountable for their child."

"Anything we can head off and be proactive about, we want to do that before something does happen," current mayor, Sherman Smith, said.

Smith said it will be discussed at their regular city council meeting in June.

Currently, Earle only has a part-time police department and Smith said the Crittenden County Sheriff's Office would likely enforce the curfew at night.

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