Eco-friendly lawn tools to gain ground this summer

Eco-friendly lawn tools to gain ground this summer
(Source: NBC)

(KAIT/NBC) - Just in time for summer cutting season, homeowners are anxious to ditch their gas-powered lawnmowers.

Consumer Reports gives a big thumbs-up to battery-powered lawn care equipment.

New brands and major manufacturers like Black & Decker, Troybilt, and Cub Cadet all responded to demand for cleaner, leaner lawn care equipment.

Senior Editor Paul Hope says batteries are much more likely to hold a charge because of big improvements in technology.

"These batteries are going to last somewhere around 1,000 cycles...that's enough for 10 to 20 years of cutting," Hope said.

Batteries now last up to an hour on as little as a 30-minute charge.

Another benefit is the battery from the lawnmower can run string trimmers, a chainsaw, and even a leaf blower.

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