Church reports vandalism, posts photos on social media

(Source: First United Methodist Church via Facebook)
(Source: First United Methodist Church via Facebook)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A Jonesboro church says their glass doors were broken in an "apparent act of vandalism."

On Wednesday, the First United Methodist Church, 801 S. Main St., stated on their Facebook page the vandalism happened Tuesday night.

Glass in the doors to the atrium was broken, the post stated. No one was hurt and no one entered the church.

The church indicated the Jonesboro Police Department is investigating the incident.

Region 8 News spoke with JPD Wednesday afternoon. Officers said it's important for the community to speak up if they see someone acting suspicious.

"Just like with cases like this one, it's very common that we hear that in fact a person was seen, but someone felt like it would be a burden or they didn't want to bother us with something that seems so minor and they don't want to call and tell us, they think we are too busy," David McDaniel, JPD spokesperson said. "But the truth is, that kind of information is vital in law enforcement."

All Wednesday night programs will continue as usual, the post concluded.

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