Field burning debate continues

Field burning debate continues
The debate over burning fields in Arkansas continues as economics and the environment are mainstays in the debate. (Source: KAIT-TV)

The issue of burning fields in the state has been a debate centering for some time around economics and the environment as farmers continue to look to at the issue in light of new voluntary rules on the topic.

According to a report from Talk Business & Politics, farmers are awaiting the results of how the voluntary rules for getting rid of post-harvest residue will have an impact on farmers.

Opponents of the idea say it can hurt breathing, create a dangerous situation for driving, and create problems around schools and nursing homes, Talk Business & Politics reported.

However, supporters said burning fields can help reduce weeds, insects, and diseases that can destroy a crop as well as a farmer's business.

Area farmer Joe Christian told Talk Business & Politics that economics is a key reason for the field burning.

"If a tractor uses 15 gallons of fuel per hour to work in the stubble, and it takes four passes over a field," Christian said, noting turning the stubble under could add $100 per acre to the cost of producing a crop.

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