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Cold water can be dangerous for unprepared boaters

(Source: USACE) (Source: USACE)

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KAIT/USACE) - Memorial Day weekend is almost here and many folks will be hitching up their boats and heading for the water.  But the Army Corps of Engineers advises boaters to first take some precautions.

Check out and service your trailer, boat, motor and other equipment.  After a winter of storage, this is a must.

Once you’re on the water, remember, warm spring days can be misleading.  The water is still very cold.  If you fall from your boat, or your boat capsizes, you’re in for a shock, especially if you’re not wearing a life jacket.

Upon the initial plunge, the cold water takes your breath away.  Your muscles tense, and you may get painful cramps. With a life jacket, you can stay afloat and stay alive.  Without one, you may not be able to swim at all.

The Corps urges boaters to always wear a life jacket.  It is especially important this time of year when the water is deceptively cold. Remember, life jacket worn, nobody mourns.

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