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City keeping water rescue team despite some changes

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The Hardy Fire Department is not getting rid of its water rescue team, despite some concerns about that from the public.

They did get rid of their large water rescue truck, which the mayor said may have caused some of the confusion.

 “We had a water rescue truck in station 2 and we actually donated that to the water and sewer department,” Hardy Mayor Jason Jackson said.

Jackson said the truck was old, inefficient and often couldn’t get to the places they need to put the boats in the water.

They will now use a brush truck to pull the boats, which are already at the main station.

“It’s more centralized and we’re able to get here quicker and be dispatched out a whole lot faster than what we would have been able to with going to get a truck at station 2 and coming here to get the boats then go to a water rescue,” Jackson said.

The department now has multiple boats at the main fire station.

Their department members will be assisting the county’s new dive team as well as the first to respond to any issues on the Spring River in Hardy.

“We're not going to get rid of water rescue,” Jackson said. “We still train, we've still got divers, we've got everything but we want to be able to be efficient in doing all of that also. Part of that is working with other people in the county who are doing the same thing.”

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