Family thanks utility truck driver for generosity

Family thanks utility truck driver for generosity
A Craighead Electric driver bought a soccer ball to replace one that was run over earlier this week. (Source: Craighead Electric Facebook page)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Most people can remember when they were kids that their parents would remind them to pick up their toys to avoid a disaster from happening.

Now, an area family is thankful that a Craighead Electric truck driver was there to help.

According to a post on the Craighead Electric Facebook page, Megan Crosby said a crew was at her home this week when something happened.

"Earlier this week, Craighead Electric sent someone out to fix our yard light by John's shop. When the man was leaving, he ran over Kailyn's soccer ball," Megan Crosby said in the post. "He felt terrible. I assured him it was fine, we have five kids and I'm constantly reminding them to pick up their toys. I could tell he still felt bad but I didn't expect a surprise on the porch when we got home today."

The surprise was a new soccer ball for the child, with a note attached.

The note read, "I'm sorry about running over your soccer ball earlier this week. I hope this new ball will replace the one that I ran over. Craighead Electric Truck #42."

Crosby said she was happy for the gesture and so was her daughter.

"Kailyn said, 'Aww, mom, how sweet. He didn't have to but he is so nice!' Thank you so much for making her smile," Megan Crosby wrote.

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