Employees of bank step up to help group

(Source: KAIT-TV)
(Source: KAIT-TV)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Most have heard the expression that it only takes one person to make a difference.

A group of people - the members of an entire bank - is doing just that.

Laura Bean, Assistant Vice President of Marketing with First Security Bank in Jonesboro, said they've been searching for a way to make an impact.

"For years we've wanted to get involved with something that would really help the community that we could sustain," Bean said. "And that's how we came to know about the HUB and their need. I was actually scrolling through Facebook one day and saw they needed hygiene supplies. And that's something that seems small, but we take for granted that lotion and deodorant and soap are things we readily have available. But the people at the HUB don't."

Bean said the bank will be supplying items for the blessing bags.

Kim Bartee with the HUB said this is going to help in a big way.

"I was really excited because hygiene is something our community needs to stay on top of," Bartee said. "When they said they wanted to pair with us is was ecstatic. This was an answered prayer."

Bartee said the need they work to meet in Jonesboro is much larger than people realize.

"It's a huge need in Jonesboro," Bartee said. "We service people who are homeless, who are coming out of being incarcerated and have nothing."

Bartee said the HUB is a resource center that evaluates the needs of someone who comes to them and then tries to help them meet those needs.

"We have a whole crew of people who need and want to take care of themselves," Bartee said. "But they don't have the capability to get the products they need. It was truly an answered prayer when Laura called."

Bean said she hoped that by having the blessing bags supplied, members of the HUB can focus on "big picture" solutions for people.

"I really want the HUB to be able to focus on helping the individuals get out of their situation," Bean said. "And not trying to scrounge up hygiene products for the individuals that need their help with a home or a new ID."

Bartee said supplying the blessing bags has had an immediate positive impact.

"They provided us with shampoo, wipes, conditioners, feminine products and more," Bartee said. "We can get a hold of some of the items we need, but not all of them. So, to pair with them has been a true blessing."

Bean said anyone can make a difference in any way.

It just takes someone to decide they want to help.

"If anyone wants to get involved in helping someone in their community," Bean said. "It doesn't always have to be something big. You can make a difference for one person. And the blessing bags do that. We may be able to give soap to someone that day who's going through a hard time that simply needs to clean up. Just something you can do to help in some way."

One thing the HUB needs right now are people to help.

"The HUB is always looking for volunteers," Bean said. "Volunteers that can help people on a career path, help them find a home, an apartment or just simply guide them in a different direction from being homeless or nearly homeless."

The HUB is open two days a week and serves 35 to 50 people a day.

Bartee said the HUB acts as a gateway of information.

They evaluate a person's situation and then begin to work on helping them connect with those who can assist them with their issues.

For more information about the HUB in Jonesboro, click here.

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