City working to fix sewer water backup

Sewage controversy in Osceola
Brandon Haynes (Source: KAIT-TV)
Brandon Haynes (Source: KAIT-TV)

OSCEOLA, AR (KAIT) - The high levels of the Mississippi River and all the rain that the area has gotten recently has Osceola's sewer system struggling to keep up.

Mayor Dickie Kennemore and Water Treatment Superintendent Brandon Haynes said they are aware of the problem and already working to fix it.

Haynes said the city has come up with $3.7 million to beef up the sewer system.

With so much city growth and water accumulation, the sewage infrastructure has to grow too.

"Future plans in two or three years are to have more growth in the city hopefully more people coming in therefore there will even be more water," Haynes said. "So we're going to put another lift station in toward the outskirts of town."

Haynes said they've known about the sewage backup for a while, and they have been making progress toward fixing it for a couple of years now.

Also, the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality is notified each time it backs up, which is only after heavy rain.

And ADEQ monitors the work the city is doing toward a fix.

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