'My Husband is Not Here'

September 9, 2005--Posted at 12:05 AM CST

JONESBORO--Keywania Dinet and 14 members of her family are close. They all left New Orleans before Hurricane Katrina could pull them apart. They landed in Jonesboro last week and that is when we told Region 8 their story.

Because of the outpouring of support from the congregation of the Nettleton Baptist Church, her family now shares three apartments close together, all of which are fully furnished. They have a car, and most of the adults are in the process of finding jobs. Though they have all these things, they are still lost.

It is what has held this family together. Four generations of a family held together by prayer and each other.

Keywania Dinet said, "We are here because God has spared our lives, and that makes me feel great."

Hurricane Katrina couldn't pull Keywania Dinet and her family apart and either could a lack of hope. They are thankful to a city that has provided them with food and a home.

"This city and the people that are in the city are awesome. I have never seen a community come together. This is the community, not any governmental agencies. The people here have poured their hearts out to us to help us get where we are," said Dinet.

On this night, they are thankful; thankful for the contributions of loving people that have given them a home and thankful that they are together.

With all of these things, however, Keywania is empty. Her husband, father of her three boys, is missing.

"My youngest son yesterday kept saying that I am playing with my daddy, or daddy is right here. You know that makes me think my husband is gone. Because why would my child say that he is playing with his daddy? His daddy is not here, so why could he say that? Because that makes me think that he is gone. I try to be strong for everybody, but I am tore up inside," said Dinet.

Imagining about a loved one's fate is painful enough, but knowing their fate is worse. Keywania's Aunt, Angela Marioneaux, found out the fate of her brother early Thursday morning.

"We got the call about 3:45am. This is difficult for me because I am the baby out of 11 kids and that is my eldest brother. I am having to be strong for everyone, but it is getting hard," said Marioneaux.

Angela's brother died in a Lake Charles, LA hospital. He died of cancer with no one by his side. Because the family has no income and little financial support, they aren't able to retrieve his body. It will be held by F.E.M.A. in a refrigerated truck for a short period of time.

If you think you can help the Dinet family get the body of their loved one, please send an e-mail to bbean@kait8.com and call (870) 336-1872.