Don't shy away from preventative care, dentists advise

Don't shy away from preventative care, dentists advise
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(KAIT/NBC) - Bad breath and bleeding gums are just a few complaints that can reveal an unhealthy mouth.

In fact, they could indicate bigger problems.

Dr. Shalin Patel says that smell could mean an infection is under the gums where you cannot reach.

If you notice bleeding when you brush, periodontal disease may be lurking.

The hygienist will be looking for all of these illnesses during the exam so don't be afraid to go.

"If there's bacteria under the gum, it doesn't matter how much gum or how much mint you chew, the bad breath is going to continue constantly," Dr. Patel said. "So it's important that the cleaning is actually done to address it. There could be bacteria, anything else throughout the mouth that we can address."

Dr. Patel says some things may not be that urgent, but they'll tell you whether it could cause pain.

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