A Better Region 8: Honoring a Hero

(KAIT) - Unthinkable today but 76 years ago, the United States was pulled into World War II when Japan surprise attacked Pearl Harbor.

2,403 Americans died that day.

U. S. Navy Seaman First Class Glenn Tipton of Ravenden was among them.

Tipton died when the ship he was on, the USS Oklahoma, capsized in the harbor.

Recent DNA testing identified the remains as Tipton's.

Now, 76 years later, he is finally coming home.

You can pay your respects June 7 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the Wings of Honor Museum at the Walnut Ridge Airport. He'll be laid to rest a day later at a cemetery near Ravenden.

His story is not alone.

We all have relatives who fought to defend our freedom and didn't come home.

This Memorial Day weekend, we encourage you to take a moment to remember them.

Remember their legacy.

Remember their parents and children who also paid dearly so that we can go to the lake, the river, the beach, or to just enjoy a three-day weekend.

Take a moment to go to the cemetery or through that old box of pictures. Make sure their legacy is not forgotten and remember why freedom in the United States is not free.

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