Gas prices spike, but doesn't deter people from traveling

Gas Prices up ahead of holiday weekend

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The recent increase in gas prices has people watching their pennies even more, but it is not stopping people from taking trips this Memorial Day weekend.

Region 8 News spoke with several motorists Thursday about the prices, which reached $2.64 in some areas of Jonesboro.

Most said they were upset over the increased prices but are going to take their weekend trips.

"I had a friend who told me I should get gas yesterday. I believe it was because they would be continually going up through the weekend," Alissa Reynolds of Jonesboro said. "So, I had kind of tried to prepare, but they had already gone up some."

In case you plan to take a trip this weekend for Memorial Day, people are advised to take plenty of time and drive carefully.

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