Tips to fight backseat boredom in your holiday road trip

Tips to fight backseat boredom in your holiday road trip
AAA expects the worst congestion on what they're calling "terrible Tuesday". Source: KAIT

(KAIT/NBC) - Plenty of people will hit the roads to kick off the summer travel season, but it's a challenge for many families to keep the peace in their cars.

Memorial Day Weekend is a hugely popular time to hit the highway.

AAA reports that motorist volume is up for the fourth year in a row, and with little ones in tow, longer trips will require some planning.

Chicago Parent magazine's Matt Boresi says screens are a nice back-up plan, with pre-loaded shows and movies.

He prefers fun stops for snacks or stretching.

"Most parents want to power through -- we're gonna get there, we're gonna drive through the night and we're gonna get there -- much easier for an adult to do than for a child to do," Boresi said.

Car games like I Spy, slug bug, license plate spotting or road trip bingo are a great way to put the brakes on boredom.

You can also bring along simple crafts like Play-Doh or washable markers and coloring books.

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