Bicycles, riders blessed by Jonesboro reverend

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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Several members of the bicycling community in Jonesboro got their bikes blessed by a Jonesboro reverend Sunday morning.

The third annual Blessing of the Bikes event was held at St. Mark's Episcopal Church.

Reverend Hannah Hooker said when she moved to Jonesboro, she noticed several members of her congregation were bike riders and saw this as a way to spread the church's message further by reaching out to them.

"It is just something that has arisen out of this church and we want to lift that up and bless it and celebrate what we do together as a community and all of our diversity," Rev. Hooker said. "And if someone's on a bike we'll come to you on a bike."

Church member and bicyclist Jim McInturff said he is thankful for the outreach program.

"We're very fortunate to be able to have blessings of birthdays, anniversaries and this blessing of the bike is really important to us because we do think the riding community is a blessing to us and the community so we love to have this just as a little extra safety," McInturff said.

The church also hosts a group of cyclists who meet once in a while at the church to talk about issues that concern the bicycling community.

"And especially about bike safety in Jonesboro, which is really important," Rev. Hooker said. "And people who think they don't have a place to worship or there's no place that they can worship in Jonesboro or find God or community that would recognize their uniqueness or whatever it is that they love or is special to them, that is not the case. You can come here and whatever it is that you love and that you do we want to celebrate it with you."

After the blessing, those who attended went on a 3-mile bike ride through downtown Jonesboro.

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