Doctors scrub long-term pain with radio wave therapy

Doctors scrub long-term pain with radio wave therapy
(Source: NBC)

(KAIT/NBC) - Millions of Americans suffer from chronic, daily pain. A different form of pain management provides patients with more long-term relief.

One woman from Topeka, Kansas has had terrible pain in her neck and shoulders for about four decades.

The pain became unbearable in 1999 when Mariane Liby was diagnosed with breast cancer. Opioids have dangerous side effects, are addictive, and made Mariane feel sick.

Cortisone shots weren't lasting long enough and she had little relief from physical therapy.

So instead, she started getting radio-frequency ablation treatment from Dr. Florin Nicolae.

"I have performed this a number of times for her over the years with good results and with long-term results. Lasting in her case, typically longer than a year," Dr. Nicolae said.

Radio-frequency ablation treatment interrupts pain transmission from joints by destroying tiny nerve branches that supply pain.

Mariane hopes to celebrate her upcoming 80th birthday pain-free.

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