Speed reduced in Craighead Co. school zone

MONETTE, AR (KAIT) - Monette city officials recently met, at the request of Buffalo Island Central High School, to make roads safer for drivers.

The city dropped the speed limit on North and South Reeves Streets from 25 miles per hour to 15 miles per hour.

Reeves Street runs along school grounds, and according to BIC High School Principal Randy Rose, the portion of the road by the school stays cluttered.

Rose also said many students have been spotted speeding off campus onto Reeves.

With the construction of a new facility and speeders in the area, Rose said it was time to push for the decrease in speed.

"The exiting of our campus has always been congested, with construction going on, we just felt like it was time to slow that down," Rose said. "It's hard for us to be at all places at the same time, so we've worked with city police to patrol on both ends of Reeves Street and try to curtail some of that speeding."

The lowered speed limit will be new for students coming back to school this fall.

So far with a heavier police presence in the area, Rose believes it has helped deter speeders.

"The safety of our students will always come first," Rose said. "That's why we went for this."

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