AAA: Teen drivers entering '100 deadliest days'

AAA: Teen drivers entering '100 deadliest days'

(KAIT/NBC) - A new report states teens are entering the most dangerous time of the year to be out on the roads.

According to AAA, the "100 deadliest days" is the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day when fatal crashes involving teen drivers jumped 14 percent.

Experts said nighttime driving is a major factor. Thirty-six percent of deadly teen crashes occurred between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. Speed accounted for about 29 percent of crashes.

"Car crashes are the number one killer of teens and summertime is no exception. Last year saw an average of 10 fatal crashes per day involving teen drivers," said Richard Romer, AAA.

Experts said new high-tech features such as Chevrolet's "Teen Driver Technology" can help parents keep an eye on new drivers when they aren't in the car.

"Parents can go in check report card to see distance traveled, how many times safety features went off, their top speeds," said Tricia Morrow, GM global safety strategy engineer

Hum by Verizon is another option. The device offers speed alerts, a safety score, maintenance reminders, and roadside assistance.

"If there are forms of technology that can get parents more engaged and involved in their teen's lives during this dangerous period, it can only help," said Romer.

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