A Better Region 8: Saving a Life

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - 17-year-old Leon Henderson recently told Region 8 News - "If it wasn't for them I would've been dead."

He's talking about some unsung heroes that jumped into action to save his life.

Henderson was swimming in a Jonesboro pool when he said his leg locked up, he froze and then passed out.

Fifteen-year-old Jacob Reams found him at the bottom of the pool and jumped in to save him.

Once out of the pool, another neighbor, Amber Corder began CPR on Henderson.

Witnesses say he was only in the pool a couple of minutes.

A couple of minutes - that's how long it takes for a tragedy to happen.

Please be careful this summer.

Please take time to learn basic lifesaving procedures.

You never know when you'll be called on to save a life.

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