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Governor Hutchinson rides in solar-powered car

(Source: KARK) (Source: KARK)
(Source: KARK) (Source: KARK)

Gov. Asa Hutchinson took a smooth ride Thursday morning in a new solar-powered car.

As Little Rock NBC affiliate KARK reports, LISA Academy North is the only school in Arkansas to take the 2018 Solar Car Challenge.

The team of 10 high school students worked together to design and build the car powered by sunlight.

"Today we get to show off the work we've done the past two years accumulated now," said LISA Academy junior John Aldrich.

"From designing, to cut medals, to even learning how to weld, so it was a big process we had to go through," said Jorge Galvan, another junior at LISA Academy.

In July, students will drive the car from Texas to California as part of a nationwide tour that showcases solar cars from schools across the country.

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