Gamers turn hobby into the American dream

Gamers turn hobby into the American dream
(Source: NBC)

(KAIT/NBC) - Video gamers are turning what many consider a hobby into a viable career. In fact, some professionals never leave the comfort of their chairs.

Austin "Boo" Painter makes nearly $35,000 in six months and gets free housing to play for the Washington Wizards in NBA 2K.

He's one of millions of popular streamers tuning in for more than two hours a day, making money off of ads, subscriptions, and even merchandising.

Kevin Lin is the co-founder of Twitch, the popular streaming site that turns ordinary basement gamers into bonafide celebrities.

"We've always played games but as part of our industry we were really not encouraged to talk about it. It wasn't cool," Lin said.

It's a prospect that at one point might have ended in a dorm room full of laughter, but not anymore.

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