Tailgating Region 8 Style

September 10, 2005-- Posted at 10.00 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR--Today marked the opening of tailgating season in Region 8, and the fans couldn't wait. Some got out to Indian Stadium as early as 8:30 to get the festivites underway.

Arkansas State fans add their own flare to tailgating, so this isn't your normal hamburgers and hotdogs. Fans cooked up fish, pork, turkey, chicken, shrimp, and even some ribs.

When most people hear the phrase tailgating they think college football or cooking out, but to these fans it is about much more than that.

"Its a bunch of friends coming out and getting together every year; we do it for every home game," said tailgater Chris Enger.

"Coming out, hanging out with family and friends and just have a good time that makes college football," said tailgater G.J. Jumper.

No matter what you cook or who you are with everyone can agree on what finishes a good day of tailgating, an Indian win.