Peak wedding season tips

Peak wedding season tips
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(KAIT/NBC) - Whether someone is attending a wedding, reunion or big event experts recommend this bridal boot camp breakdown.

Big results take months, so experts said six months is the ideal time to start towards toning the whole body and face.

The glowing bride look could include a deep chemical peel to help rejuvenate the skin. Dr. Sherry Ingraham suggests a "Skinpen", which encourages new collagen that reduces lines, scars and stretch marks. The price tag on the "Skinpen" is several hundred dollars. It can be used on the neck,arms, hands, legs, abs, and back.

"Skinpen, micro-needling, is a great procedure because it doesn't generate heat like lasers do. So we don't worry about that laser or heat-induced hyper-pigmentation," said Dr. Ingraham.

However, doctors recommend against doing this procedure within a month of the big day to avoid redness and possible bruising. Instead, if you only have a few weeks, Botox is an alternative. Botox can now be used to relieve sweaty hands, feet, face, underarms and scalp.

"And so before the big day getting that treatment a few weeks out can help prevent sweating in the scalp and the need for your hair to be redone, especially in a warm, moist environment," said Dr. Ingraham

Two weeks before the big day, Brittany Link from 'Advice for Eating' said absolutely no alcohol. Alcohol will dehydrate, cause bloat, and add extra calories. However, increasing water intake will help cause a slimmer feel and give the well sought after glow.

One week out expert strongly suggest no aggressive treatments. Doctors said stick to gentle mask with tried and true cleansers. The night before, taking an anti-inflammatory can reduce acne swelling.

There's also a recommended DIY spot treatment using crushed aspirin to reduce redness from breakouts. The number one tip was lots of sleep.

Anyone planning to follow the boot camp should first make an appointment for a dermatologist consultation to find out which treatments are best for their individual needs and skin type.

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