A Better Region 8: Stop using cellphones while driving

(KAIT) - If you have a cellphone, chances are you've looked at it while driving.

About 3,500 Americans die on our highways each year because of distracted driving.

It's estimated that every day, nearly 500,000 people, just during daylight hours, use their cellphone in some way that takes our eyes off the road.

Now school is out, and that means so are the kids.

I have friends who will no longer ride their bicycles or jog along or near many roads because they fear someone isn't paying attention.

Many smartphones have features that will disable texting or calls while the car is moving. Use it if you have to.

Chances are the smartest device in the car is sitting in the driver's seat.

Please put phones down and pay attention to the road. It'll make this A Better Region 8.

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