Man battles back from rare sensory disorder, "locked-in syndrome"

Man battles back from rare sensory disorder, "locked-in syndrome"
(Source: NBC)

(KAIT/NBC) - One Arizona man suffered what many might consider their worst nightmare.

In 2012, Michael Dils suffered a stroke that left him paralyzed.

Michael was fully conscious of the world around him but his family believed he was brain dead.

Doctors would poke needles in Michael's feet but got no reaction. He did feel the needle pokes, however, he just was unable to tell anyone.

He could even hear discussions about whether to pull the plug.

It's called "locked-in syndrome" and is believed to be caused by bleeding in the brain stem.

Michael was trapped in his own body for a couple of weeks until his daughter and pre-med student, Cheyenne, noticed him blinking.

"And they immediately broke into tears and they said, 'There's hope. We'll help,' and I said, 'All right, I've broken through,'" Michael said.

He imagined typing with his paralyzed fingers for days until his fingers finally cooperated.

Nearly six months after the stroke, he went home.

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