Regular manicures could lead to damage

Regular manicures could lead to damage
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(KAIT/NBC) - Experts recommend regular manicure customers take extra precautions in order to save nails from damage.

Shellac Gel the long-lasting manicure can give the customer the long-lasting look they desire, but experts said too much could lead to damaged nails.

Advanced Dermatology stated for every three months of repeated manicures, give nails one month off. The recommendation is one full month of completely naked nails, except for moisture.

"Do not wear polish in those break periods. Polish dries out their nails but more than that, removing the polish with acetone really dries out the nails. Cover your nails with a barrier product like Cerave, Aveeno eczema therapy or Vaseline so when you're washing dishes or cleaning the house, that water and chemicals are not constantly getting in that already weakened nail. You've got to protect that nail from the elements," Dr. Sherry Ingraham, dermatologist.

Dr. Ingraham said skin care shouldn't be thought of as an afterthought.

If someone is a constant patron at the nail salon specially made gloves are available to reduce the risk for skin cancer that is possible through the drying stations.

"Another thing to think about, look for led lights that cure these gel and shellac manicures. If you're using UV lights, you are getting intense UV exposure to the tops of your hands," said Dr. Ingraham.

More tips for keeping nails healthy: keep them clean and dry, keep nails shaped and free of snags and do not bite or remove cuticles with scissors.

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