Relief efforts still underway in St. Francis Co. after storms

Relief efforts still underway in St. Francis Co. after storms

ST. FRANCIS COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - State and local agencies are coordinating efforts following a severe storm that damaged parts of St. Francis County over the weekend.

The 100 mph straight-line winds downed trees, power lines, and even destroyed an airport Saturday night.

Officials with Entergy Arkansas and Woodruff Electric said there were about 800 customers still without power Wednesday.

In a post on Tuesday, the Forrest City Police Department stated they are coordinating with the St. Francis County Office of Emergency Management, a food pantry, and the local Walmart to help provide food and ice.

The SFCOEM also stated on their Facebook page the St. Francis County Food Pantry will have food for those in need Tuesday at 3 p.m.

"Please only get what you can store and use so there is enough to go around. There will be a limited supply of bagged ice at the Forrest City Fire Dept, Station 1," the post stated. "Ice will be limited to one bag per person because of limited supply. Please share."

Also, the county courthouse still has no electricity or phones. Anyone needing assistance can call (870) 261-1735.

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Gov. Asa Hutchinson stated on social media that he is in touch with local leaders and coordinating on a state level.

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