Major levee breaches being repaired in Randolph Co.

RANDOLPH COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - More than a year after major flooding, crews are beginning to repair large breeches on the Black River Levee in Randolph County.

Early in 2018, crews with the Tennessee Valley Authority worked to fix smaller parts of the levee that could be affected by wet weather.

Now, they are beginning to work on repairing three large breaches.

TVA Crews have been pumping water out of the area and packing in the sand since early June.

Chairman of the Levee Board Danny Ellis said he hopes the weather holds up for crews so they can complete the work quickly.

"We are very pleased that they've started because these three breaches here are, this is a bad situation to be in," said Ellis.

The Army Corp of Engineers is in charge of the project because the levee was up to standards when the 2017 flood occurred.

Each breach will take about a month to be fixed.

Ellis said he hopes the repairs are completed by October 2018.

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