Veteran reflects on the 74th anniversary of D-Day

Veteran reflects on the 74th anniversary of D-Day
(Source: KATV)

LITTLE ROCK, AR (KAIT/KATV) - Wednesday was the 74th anniversary of the U.S. storming Omaha Beach in Normandy.

One man is an expert on the famous battle because he was there.

Denman Wolfe is 96-years-old but back then he was a 23-year-old soldier with the 5th Ranger Battalion. He is the last surviving member of his company.

Their objective was to climb a cliff side and capture a German facility. Wolfe tells KATV every step of the way each man had a greater objective.

"They was doing the same thing as me, trying to get by the best way they could and stay alive," said Wolfe.

In total, Wolfe spent three years, eleven months, and twenty-one days in Europe fighting the Germans.

After 74 years, Wolfe still tries not to think back on that time but still does from time to time.

Wolfe's final rank at the end of his service was sergeant major. He's received several medals such as the Purple Heart and Bronze Star.

To read more of Wolfe's account of that day, go here.

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