Children help to lend hand for animals

Children help to lend hand for animals
(Source: KAIT-TV)
(Source: KAIT-TV)
(Source: KAIT-TV)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A group of area kids spent part of their summer day lending a helping hand to some paws in need.

The Northeast Arkansas Humane Society in Jonesboro is opening its doors to younger volunteers.

On Thursday afternoon, children that wanted to help man's best friend spent their day loving on some furry animals, washing bowls and folding towels.

NEAHS Volunteer Janie Krennerich organized the event.

Krennerich said the event is more than about getting some extra help, it's about teaching responsibility.

"I am a firm believer that education is the basis of making any kind of change," Krennerich said. "As most people are probably aware, in this area we have a tremendous number of unwanted animals. There are a lot of strays, a lot of owner surrenders. So, I think it's important for kids to learn at an early age that it is important to take your animal to the vet and take steps to make sure they don't reproduce. So, we can kind of stop this cycle of unwanted animals."

Krennerich said she hoped the kids who participated have a better understanding about pets.

"I hope they have a better understanding of how to take care of a pet," Krennerich said. "Their responsibility and to be responsible pet owners.  I hope they come away with an appreciation of how important it is to donate. If you don't have money to donate you can donate your time. I hope those are the things they learn and I think it's a good growing up step to learn about responsibilities."

Krennerich said they did a lot.

"We are going to play with some dogs," Krennerich said. "I'm going to get some of them in there to fold some towels and wash some dog dishes. That has to be done twice a day. We may need to get the pooper scoopers out and hit some of these kennels out here. I hope to get some of the boys out in the grass kennels with some of our bigger dogs that might want to play a little bit. And that's another thing. A lot of these dogs don't know how to play because they've never been in a home or around anybody that would stand around and throw a tennis ball for them. So, hopefully, we're going to have some fun today. That's the main goal is to have a good time."

11-year-old MaKenzie Krennerich said she was glad she came out to help.

"I thought it was actually pretty cool to get kids out here to volunteer," MaKenzie said. "I mean these puppies don't, like, they're pretty busy the staff is, so I just think it's pretty cool that kids get to come out here and play with them and stuff like that. And do chores and volunteer."

MacKenzie said they learned the importance of taking care of your animals and showing them that they're loved.

Six-year-old Myles Walker said he had a blast with the animals.

"We got to play and have fun, but now we have to work," Walker said. "I like the dogs that are in groups. I like the gold and black one. It's way fun."

Krennerich said it didn't matter how often they came to help.

What was most important was what they walked away with.

"At least they will have had the experience," Krennerich said. "They've been acquainted with what goes on out here and what important work this staff does for our community."

Krennerich said they're going to try and have this event every Thursday afternoon.

She said people should check them out on Facebook to confirm their schedule.

Around 45 kids came out to volunteer.

For more information about the Northeast Arkansas Humane Society, click here.

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