Deputies, residents give a final salute to K9 'Zeke'

Deputies, residents give a final salute to K9 'Zeke'
Cleburne County K9 Zeke responded to his final call (Source: KARK)

CLEBURNE COUNTY (KAIT/KARK) - Cleburne County deputies and residents gathered together for K9 officer Zeke's final call.

Since 2012, Zeke has tracked down criminals and stuck out his tongue for kids in classrooms.

But Cleburne County Sheriff Chris Brown says his K9 officer's hobbled trot speaks louder than his bark.

On Friday, blue lights drove around town after the word spread of one last salute, Little Rock television station KARK reported.

With phones out and while in tears, deputies and strangers formed two lines outside of the Ozark Animal Clinic.

Cradled in his partner's arms, Zeke responded to his final call.

Then, with collar in hand, Zeke's partner returned to the truck.

Sheriff Brown says a fundraiser allowed his office to welcome a new K9 last December.

'Zinney' is now the lone K9 on the force.

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