JPD: 2-year-old drowned in backyard pool

JPD: 2-year-old drowned in backyard pool
(Source: Raycom Media)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Jonesboro police believe a two-year-old girl drowned in her family's pool after crawling through a doggie door.

Just after 8 Sunday morning, officers were called to an undisclosed location regarding a medical assist.

The caller told dispatch that the child had fallen into a pool and was unresponsive, according to the initial incident report.

When emergency crews arrived at the home, they found the victim laying on a rug in a back bedroom while a 30-year-old man performed CPR.

Officers continued CPR until EMS arrived on the scene and took the 2-year-old child to St. Bernards Medical Center where she was pronounced dead.

A 27-year-old female witness told police she woke up around 7:15 and check on the child. She said she saw the girl in the bed, and started getting ready for church.

About 20 minutes later the woman said she went to wake the child, but she was not there.

The woman and the man, presumed to be the child's parents, began looking for the girl and found the back door cracked open.

The woman told police she found the girl in the in-ground pool near the ladder, picked her up, and carried her inside the house to begin CPR while the man called 911.

Detective Brian Arnold noted in his report that the back door was secured with two latches, one that was waist high and the other was near the top of the door.

The woman said she remembered locking the back door the night before, but didn't know how the child was able to unlock it.

He also found a doggie door which was large enough for a medium-sized dog to go through. Arnold also noted the victim was small enough to crawl through the door.

The incident has been ruled an accidental death and the case has been closed.

The police report did not identify the victim nor the witnesses and did not reveal where the incident took place.

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