Region 8 Business Woman 'Altering' Her Future

September 12, 2005--Posted at 11:15 PM CST

JONESBORO--This week is "Minority Enterprise Development Week," and Monday night at the Convocation Center, community and business leaders honored minorities who have taken charge of their future by starting their own business.

The Minority Business Celebration paid tribute to minority business owners in Jonesboro. One of those owners is JoAnn Daley.

"If you don't have patience with the garment, then you can't do the work," Daley said.

Working from a small office, she does the best she can to make our clothes fit just right

"And I take pride in what I do, and so that is what they say. She is real good; go see JoAnn," says Daley.

And they do. Racks and racks of clothes just waiting to get these miracle hands to hem them up. All day and mostly by herself, she sews and irons to make her customers happy. She is blunt. If it doesn't fit right, she'll let you know.

"You have to be honest. You shouldn't be lying in order to sell a product. If something doesn't work, just tell them. I say I don't think that will work for you and people appreciate that," said Daley.

She is just one of a select few who solely alter clothes as their profession.

"It is hard work, and it is fast work. The older people are getting out, but the younger people they don't want to do this, because it is hard," Daley said.

Hard indeed. One pant leg at a time.

"I love to sew, and I love doing this. You know it works out. I got the best of both worlds. I do what I like and get paid for it." said Daley.