Poll: Viewers Have 'Reality Show' Fatigue

September 13, 2005-- Posted at 3:10 PM CDT

WASHINGTON (AP)_ Have reality and talk shows worn out their welcome?

An Associated Press-TV Guide poll suggests most people are tired of reality programs on television. Eight in ten viewers percent say there are too many of them.

More than half of those polled say there's too much chatter on the tube.

People still have a big appetite for news, with almost three in four viewers saying they're satisfied with the amount of TV news or want more.

Some of these results could be daunting news for Martha Stewart, who joins Donald Trump with her own edition of "The Apprentice" on NBC next week.

Of all the new shows introduced last year, "CSI: NY" has the most people looking forward to its return. "Desperate Housewives," twice as popular with women as it is with men, came in second.

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