A Better Region 8: Paying attention at railroad crossings

A Better Region 8: Train Track Safety

(KAIT) - Over the weekend, four lives were lost when the vehicle they were in collided with a train.

That crash is one of several rail crossing crashes in the news lately.

Most of the time, when a train hits a car, it doesn't end well.

The good news is the crashes and deaths are going down, but just one death is too many.

We probably all know someone who lost their life at a rail crossing. I know I do.

I think about him every time I cross a set of tracks. The life lost. His family then, now, and what might have been.

It's been twenty years since I lost my friend.

There are so many more distractions these days.

I think our heads are in so many more places these days too.

It seems as though driving has become passé.

We can drive with our eyes closed all the way home - my car just knows the way.

It's time we take control back. When you cross the railroad tracks, pay attention.

Trains can't stop on a dime - so we have to. Stop, Look, Listen.

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