Store owner sees man flee from deputies

Store owner sees man flee from deputies

LAWRENCE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - An Imboden man said he saw a suspect run from Lawrence County sheriff's deputies on Sunday.

Don Shamsie owns DJ's American Made General Store in Imboden.

He said on Sunday Jerrett Stanford, the man who ran from authorities, stopped at his store.

"It was a slow Sunday afternoon and about 4:30 a young man come in and bought a pack of cigarettes and a few other items, put the rest in gas," he said.

Shamsie said he could not have guessed what was about to happen in his store parking lot.

"Went to start his vehicle, it wouldn't start," he said.  "So, he pushed it out of the way back behind the building on to the side and was out there working on it."

Sheriff's deputies responded to the parking lot after getting a report of a stolen vehicle.

"Pulled up as he was going to make the arrest, the subject in the vehicle broke and run through the woods," said Sheriff Jeff Yates.

Shamsie said he planned to close shop early for Father's Day but instead closed for his employees' safety.

"We are armed, and we have local people that kind of stayed around and made sure that everything was locked up," he said. "We made sure the girls got to their vehicles."

Shamsie said the incident shocked him, but it comes with being a business owner and dealing with the public.

"You go through that every day. You don't know who's going to walk through the door and that's part of being in business, you don't know who's going to walk through the door, what's going to happen."

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