Malik Monk spends time at High Five Basketball Camp

Malik Monk takes part in the High Five Basketball Camp

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Malik Monk, grew up in Lepanto, learned the game on the playground at The Woodz.

To local kids in the area, he made it. They see Malik on TV living out his dreams. Sure he's making big money in the NBA, but he's still the same humble kid from Lepanto, and when he had the chance to come back and give back, he did.

"I was just in their place a couple of years ago. It seems like yesterday," Monk said. "I always want to come back and get them because I know it means a lot to see my face. I always wanted to see the big names that came before me."

Not a lot of pros came out of this year, so he's a hero, a role model and much more to these kids that look up to him. He understands that the little bit of time he spends with them will last a lifetime.

"I might be the only one they meet, its always great to come back where I am from always great to come back just to see the faces little that I saw when I was their age so always great to see them always want to give back," Monk said.

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