Caught on camera: JPD officer helps save kitten from storm drain

(Source: Jonesboro Police Department)
(Source: Jonesboro Police Department)
(Source: Jonesboro Police Department)
(Source: Jonesboro Police Department)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A Jonesboro police officer saved a kitten from a storm drain Thursday with a little extra help.

Officer Nathan Cole was sent out to East Oak Ave. when a little boy, KJ Webb, and his mother called about a kitten stuck a drain in front of their apartment.

"I know we were out here for a good hour trying to get the cat out of the drain," said Tabitha Watkins, Webb's mother.

When Officer Cole arrived, a group of people was around the drain trying to free the kitten.

The officer made several attempts to free the kitten, but he could not open the drain.

"It took quite awhile," Cole said. "The storm drain was really stuck. I tried using a couple of car jacks, that didn't work, a set of old bed frames and that didn't work."

A man stopped to help when he saw Officer Cole attempting to open the drain.

The man used a crowbar to successfully open the drain and Officer Cole was able to climb into the drain and reach the kitten.

The kitten was handed to the boy and his mother.

"If it would have rained, that cat wouldn't have made it," Watkins said. "So, I'm glad that cop did help. He stayed too and it was hot."

The mother and son later learned the kitten belonged to a neighbor and returned him to his home.

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