Compulsive gaming classified as mental health condition

Compulsive gaming classified as mental health condition

(KAIT/NBC) - The World Health Organization is classifying compulsive gaming as a new mental health condition.

It's based on research and the demand for treatment, but doctors say not every parent should be concerned. The World Health Organization is labeling compulsive gaming now as a mental health issue, referring to it as "gaming disorder."

"Parents need to realize it's not necessarily the video games causing the problems, it's the things you miss by spending all that time with video games; getting your homework done, spending time with your family," said Dr. Louis Kraus, a child psychiatrist at Rush University Medical Center.

Video game enthusiasts, including Jared Hoffa, say the gamer stigma has been an issue for years. He said video games have long been the target of broader issues, but it's not all negative.

"There's just a recent study by the American Psychological Association that first off, 70 percent of all gamers are social. The games enhance memory, they do goal orientation," said Hoffa.

Doctors say not everyone is addicted, but there needs to be more research done.

Dr. Kraus said the most important thing parents can do is set limitations. The same can be said for adults, taking time to do other things can strike a happier balance.

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