Robocalls on the rise

Robocalls on the rise
(Source: Raycom Media)

(KAIT/NBC) - The Federal Trade Commission is suing some of the biggest robocall kingpins believed responsible for billions of calls.

Americans get 1,300 calls per second. There have been 16-billion robocalls just since January 1.

The robo-scammers' latest trick is sophisticated software that spoofs numbers to appear as though they're coming from the IRS, the FBI, a person's bank, or area code.

"The most important thing is, whatever they're asking you for, don't give it to them! Don't ever give anybody you Social Security number or banking account information, especially over the phone," said Jerri Williams, retired FBI Agent.

The best advice is to add your number to the do-not-call registry and don't answer calls that don't look familiar.

Also, if a person answers the call don't push any options to opt out, don't engage with a real person. Pushing an option only tells them the number they called is real. It's so common there's a software that recognizes and blocks robocalls.

"My main strategy is just to let their call go to voicemail, listen to the voicemail, block the number and delete the voicemail," said Bobby Desmond, robocall victim.

Some robocalls are legit and legal: a doctor's office reminding you of an appointment, the school principal, or a political campaign.

However, if there's only silence when a person picks up the phone, that's a good indication it's a scam.

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