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'All I heard was my neck pop'; woman falls off of tube on Six Flags Typhoon Twister

Sondra Thornhill. Credit: KMOV Sondra Thornhill. Credit: KMOV
EUREKA, Mo. (KMOV.com) -

The newest ride at Hurricane Harbor in Six Flags St. Louis opened to the public Saturday and is now shut down after an adult fell out of their tube.

 A spokesperson told News 4 that the Typhoon Twister was closed while the company investigates the incident further. The company said the closure is part of a standard protocol.

The ride is described as a 125-foot long whirlpool bowl that spins riders through an enclosed five-story drop.

The woman who was injured, Sondra Thornhill, of Lebanon, Mo. says she was flung into the air.

"Only my hands were on the handles. My whole body went off the raft and of course, when it went back down, my hands were still on it and it threw it me so far forward and back so fast, all I heard was my neck pop," said Thornhill. "I thought I broke it at first then it was just a little sore and I stopped panicking. I'll be alright."

Thornhill says she received a CAT scan and X-ray at a hospital which showed everything was okay, but she has whiplash.

Six Flags released the following statement:

The well-being of our guests is always our priority. As standard protocol, we have closed the ride while we look into the circumstances surrounding a guest coming out of their tube.

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