Several people pick up car to help injured cyclist

Bystanders help injured cyclist
Several men from Celebrate Recovery at The Rock Church rushed in to help the injured man. (Source: KAIT)
Several men from Celebrate Recovery at The Rock Church rushed in to help the injured man. (Source: KAIT)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A bicyclist was injured Monday night after a bicycle vs. vehicle crash.

Several strangers rushed in to help him during it, though.

According to Jonesboro police, the crash happened in the 4300-block of E. Johnson Avenue in front of the Rock Church about 7:30 p.m.

Police stated in a crash report that Shavon Hale was driving a Kia passenger car out of the Rock Church and attempted to make a right onto E. Johnson to travel west.

Meanwhile, Dustin Michaud was riding a bicycle east on E. Johnson on the northbound shoulder.

Hale, according to JPD, failed to see Michaud riding his bike.

At that same time, several men were standing outside, taking a break from their Celebrate Recovery meeting at the Rock Church.

"We just happened to see it and we all started in doing what God wanted us to do," said Jonathan Oswald, one of the Celebrate Recovery men.

Michaud was pinned under the car. The four men were able to lift the car up enough to get him out.

Oswald then knelt down beside the injured man and began praying with him.

"I asked him if he loved the Lord and he said yes so I was thankful for that," Oswald said.

Oswald and another man who helped, John Armstrong, both said they are thankful they could help someone in their time of need.

They both also recognized that it was God who led them to Celebrate Recovery and put them outside the church at that moment.

"We were at the right place at the right time," Armstrong said. "It felt like we were just God's soldiers doing what we were called to do."

"That was God's strength in us," Oswald said. "God said all things through Christ who strengthens me so, you know, that's what did it."

Michaud was then airlifted to a Memphis hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

"We just want to pray for the family and lift them up for what's going on right now," Oswald said. "And for the young man it happened to, God's got his hands all over him. We love him and just want him to remember that God's there for him and so are we."

Hale was taken to St. Bernards where police said she consented to a blood draw.

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