County Inmate Makes A Run For It

Making a break for it. It's kind of glamourus in the movies. But in real life it gets you on Crimestoppers.

James Orlando Hubbard III made a glamourus run for it on Monday. The county inmate was on work detail at a Jonesboro cemetary when, during a break, he broke. Witnesses say he got in a blue Ford and took off.

Hubbard was in the pokey for minor charges; driving without a license and a couple of warrants. But now he's looking at a much more serious charge of 3rd degree escape. If you've seen James Orlando Hubbard III call Crimestoppers and let 'em know. Call 935-STOP or toll free, 888-566 STOP. Your call could be worth cash.

Warrant Watch time. Anthony D. Jackson goes first. He has a total of seven warrants. Three non-payment of fines and four fail to appear warrants.

Larry David Cooper Jr. isn't our typical warrant watchee. Mr. Cooper is wanted out of California for failing for register as a sex offender and violation of parole. He is beleived to be in the Jonesboro area. He also has a swastika tattoo on his left forearm.

If you know where police can find Larry David Cooper Jr. or Anthony Jackson call Crimestoppers and get your tip number. That tip number is your key to cash. Keep watching Crimestoppers and watch for an arrest in your case. If it happens, call Sgt. Steve McDaniel at JPD to see if your tip led to the arrest. If it did, it's worth cash.

Give 'em a call. And remember, when you see crime, call Crimestoppers, 935-STOP.